About Us

R&R Wellness

R & R Wellness came about after years of personal wellness work, energy healing and spiritual growth. Wellness is a journey we go on and it becomes highlighted at various junctions in our life.

R & R Wellness is a new Business starting in June 2019. Rose ran a similar Wellness business overseas offering BioPulse Detox Cleanse. Qualified as a BioPulse Technician from Auckland NZ, January 2017. BioPulse offers the opportunity to cleanse and balance your system. Rose trained with Intraceuticals, completing the Intraceuticals Consultation and Facial Treatment Protocals, April 2019,Australia.

As in some Professions, career changes occur and focus turns to a new direction, and for Rose that was the direction of Healing and Wellness. Rose has had many life adventures. After experiencing a life changing event, it was a natural progression of empowerment towards health and healing, lifestyle and attitude change.

Her journey began in 2002, which has led her to the creation of R & R Wellness. Through investigating wellness by experiencing various modalities, her well-being improved. Rose then decided to share this knowledge with the goal of being able to assist others with their well-being and also have the opportunity to lead a healthier and-happier life. There is no need to feel stuck or in pain when life happens. Rose decided to simplify her lifestyle and focus on balance and wellness of the body and mind. Wellness is a lifestyle choice. After years of learning how to manage choices in order to live your best possible quality life, Rose decided to share her knowledge with others by opening R & R Wellness.

Our Vision

R & R Wellness is a home- based Business offering the public quality service using luxurious products, which give results.

Rose has a keen interest in energy healing and will be offering energy work in the future both in clinic and on line to anyone, anywhere in the world. Rose is currently writing a program aimed at how to overcome life changing events, to teach people to hold their own space and remove themselves from drama.

It is desired this program will be available in the upcoming future on line.

Why Choose Us

It’s the only Intraceuticals salon in the area

Intraceuticals is a High Grade Cosmeceutical Range product. This means it has active ingredients to work on correcting the skin, it is a medical grade skin care product indorsed by a skin physician and it has active ingredients at significant concentration to make a difference

Intraceuticals is the latest skin care technology and body care treatment
The application of Hyaluronic Acid results in dramatically hydrated more youthful, vital looking skin

Intraceuticals is a total skin care philosophy. For products to perform they need to correct errors of the past, bring skin back to normality and then get your skin working as nature intended it to

Clients identify their areas of concern, which allows the most effective product and treatment to be recommended. This is why a Cosmeuceutical regime is best because it has a powerhouse of active ingredients to revive your skin

Hyperbaric Oxygen Facials have really great, rapid and long term benefits

R & R Wellness offers a Professional salon in a quiet home-based atmosphere with one on one care without interruption.

Our clinic offers the opportunity for you to step away from your busy life and come where you can relax your mind, body and soul, allowing time to rejuvenate yourself physically, spiritually and mentally.

Comfort, convenience, results