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Aura-Soma is a self-selective colour care system. Your colour choice reflects the needs within yourself and provides a communication between the self and soul. Aura-Soma is made of living energies from the three kingdoms- mineral (crystal and gems), plant (herbs and essential oils) and HUE-MAN (colour and light) which enhance well-being on all levels, vitality and happiness. Aura-Soma has a range of products including Equilibriums, Pomanders, Quintessences, Air Conditioners, Archangel Sprays and Incense. R & R Wellness uses Aura- Soma Air Conditioners Room Sprays.


Aura-Soma Air Conditioner Room Sprays are atmospheric fresheners that have the potential to improve and enhance the energies of living and work spaces by shifting and encouraging new energies. There are 34 different sprays: 15 Pomanders, 15 Quintessences and 4 Archangels. Air Conditioner Room Sprays contain special blends of herbal extracts, essential oils and crystal energies blended to bring divine support and harmony to your life. The positive energies of their colour ray and related plant energies are released when sprayed, which empower, refresh and condition the environment. These products were made with love and intention to enhance your life and assist with becoming in line with your true life purpose, to enhance personal/group clarity, balance and wellbeing, harmony, peace and cooperation.

Your free gift when visiting R & R Wellness is to choose one of the 34 colours for an aura cleansing. You will choose your favourite colour that you are attracted to on the day by letting your intuition draw you to it. Then 2 sprays of the fragranced essence will be sprayed above your energy field, allowing it to fall through your electro- magnetic field. The name of the colour chosen and information notes will be read for you. This is the message you were to hear on that day.

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