Here are the answers to frequently asked questions

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash, direct depots and Visa and MasterCard payments.
Why do I have to fill in forms at the salon?
It is required to sign a waiver prior to treatment once procedures have been explained. On your first visit we get you to complete an Intraceuticals skin analysis, rating your skin concerns. This provides a starting point for your consultation and allows the best treatment to be chosen for your skin. You know your skin best and can inform us what your current skin concerns are although these concerns may change with each appointment. The BioPulse Cleanse form asks required questions before a consult treatment and discusses areas where you may want to improve your health.
Are skin products safe for use during pregnancy?
Intraceuticals has not been tested for reproductive toxicology. It is the choice of the client whether to use Intraceuticals products during pregnancy. Please refer to your physician for further discussion. The Vitamin A Booster product is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.
Is Intraceuticals tested on Animals?
Intraceuticals products are cruelty free. They are also paraben free and made in Australia.
What are the long term benefits from using Intraceuticals products?
Intraceuticals treatments and skin care products address the core of skin care concerns. Treatments provide immediate results and combine with the highly effective skin care products which helps balance and correct concerns such as dehydration, skin ageing, pigmentation and problem prone skin. These skin care products have been synergistically formulated to complement each other and enhance the results of treatments. The hyalauronic layering technology provides deep and ongoing delivery of hydration and effective ingredients to revive, replenish and protect your skin ensuring long term skin health.
What services do we offer?
R & R Wellness offers the latest skin care technology and body care treatments.
Can you tell me about the Vitamin C in the Booster Vitamin C Serum?

Intraceuticals Vitamin C serum key ingredients are:

  • Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate- a stabilised (salt) form of Vitamin C that protects against uv inducted sun damage. It retains efficacy for longer and resists oxidation.
  • Ascorbyl Glucoside- a water soluble form of Vitamin C. A powerful antioxidant that helps to neutralise free radicals, provides photo-protection, and stimulates collagen synthesis.
  • Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate- a fat soluble form of Vitamin C which inhibits melanin. It effectively converts into free Vitamin C in the skin and helps visibly improve skin tone, brightness and improves the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and age spots.
Is Intraceuticals Vegan?

We are not a Vegan brand but we do have the following products that are suitable for Vegans:

  • Rejuvenate Cleansing Gel
  • Rejuvenate Gentle Cleanser
  • Rejuvenate Daily Serum
  • Opulence Daily Serum
  • Opulence Moisture¬†Brightening Cream
  • Opulence Brightening Cleanser
  • Clarity Sensitive Gel Cleanser
  • Clarity Wand
  • Antioxidant Booster Serum
  • Vitamin A Booster Serum
  • Vitamin C+3 Booster Serum
  • Retouch Hyaluronic Base Serum
  • Retouch Lines
  • Retouch Eyes
  • Retouch Lift
Do you ship internationally?

Intraceuticals is an Australian company based in over 56 countries and 3500 salons. There may be an agent near you that you can contact directly for products you require. Google https://intraceuticals.com for information regarding countries and salon locations.

How can I try your product?
You can book a free consultation at R & R Wellness to have our products explained and test our in clinic samples. We can discuss any questions you may have and discuss your skin concerns to see how Intraceuticals may help you.
What do your recommend for my skin type?
At Intraeuticals we ask you to rate your skin because you know your skin best. We have a concerns card where you will rate concerns out of 10. From this we will be able to see exactly which product range would be best for you.
We want to sell Intraeuticals products, who do we speak to?
It is best to contact Intraceuticals main office in Melbourne to discuss how to become an agent.
How to provide feedback

We would love to hear your comments, questions or concerns. Contact R&R Wellness at [email protected] to send us your feedback, so we can make your experience and others a fabulous R&R experience.

I have more questions, can I speak with someone?
If you have further questions or concerns, we are happy to speak with you. You can call 0490 741 816. Alternatively you can make an appointment for a free consultation to have the products explained to you in clinic. We understand that starting new skin treatment is a big change so we want you to feel comfortable.
Can you tell me about the vitamin A in the A serum?

Intraceuticals Vitamin A serum Key ingredients are:

  • Retinyl Palmitae- This micro-encapsulated, release on demand technology helps reduce potential irritation and increases product stability. It is a less irritating form essential for collagen production.
  • Green Tea- This traditional botanical antioxidant and calming agent which helps neutralise free radicals and protects against the visible signs of premature ageing.
Are Intraceutical products Organic?

We are not an Organic Brand.

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