Here are some happy customers we’ve prepared earlier

“The Intraceuticals treatment is the most effective way to achieve beautiful skin and flawless results.”

Gina Brooke
Hollywood Makeup Artist

“I love Intraceuticals treatment – it’s the Hollywood insiders secret to a healthy and glowing complexion.”

Byron Williams
Celebrity Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

“I Love the Intraceuticals treatment it is the go to treatment for me and all of my clients. It leaves our skin glowing and ready for the perfect makeup application.”

Gucci Westman
Makeup Artist

“Intraceuticals has been the best skincare range I have used in a long time, the results are visible immediately resulting in a long lasting moist, smooth skincare base that is ideal for flawless makeup application. All the products deliver beautiful skin maintenance and long lasting results, for me it’s the new secret of the skin care ranges”

Attracta Courtney
Makeup Artist

“Rose Marie’s Oxygen facial has been very beneficial to me as it has removed the dark circles from under my eyes and has made my skin glowing and younger looking. I would recommend Oxygen Facials to anyone who has similar skin problems or who wants to look younger.

The prices are very reasonable. She is a very reliable therapist and looks after her customers. ”

Vida Z
Client of R & R Wellness

“We have nothing but excellent clinical and cosmetic results using the Intraceuticals
Oxygen Therapy. Initially we were using the treatments indicated by the manufacturer as a stand alone. Once we discovered its soothing and hydrating component to the skin, we began incorporating this treatment into our PhotoFacial sm Elite protocol. The treatment works well post chemical peel for sun damaged skin. Its hydrating and lightening
components are a compliment to the results of the chemical peel as well as post
fractional resurfacing”.

Patrick H. Bitter Sr., MD , Founder Epi Center MedSpa. Developer of the PhotoFacial
Treatment Protocol. World-recognized Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Patrick Bitter, Sr.
has been practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 37 years and founded the Epi Center MedSpa along with Margaret Mitchell in 1998. As a cosmetic dermatologist, his passion is skin rejuvenation and laser technology.

In 1995, he was one of the first to purchase Intense Pulsed Light technology and began developing treatment protocols for skin rejuvenation. In 1998, Dr. Bitter went public with his research and introduced the PhotoFacialSM procedure. This treatment, also known as IPL PhotoRejuvenation, is now performed around the globe.

Patrick H. Bitter Sr MD.
Founder, Epi Center MedSpa
California, USA

I am so delighted to hear Rose Marie is reopening her business in Australia.  I remember passing by her home every morning taking my grandson to school and seeing her business sign on the road.  I told my husband we needed to pay a visit.

At that moment I was suffering from type 2 diabetes and was looking for all sorts of treatment and I never thought this cleanse would help me. I wanted to try this foot detox and my first treatment was amazing. I was actually surprised to see the water colour but Rose explained how it worked releasing the toxins in my body. I did 10 treatments and miraculously it worked.   I also felt much better and much more relaxed. Most importantly my sugar blood count lowered and I was able to concentrate more in running our business in a more relaxed manner.  I also slept better at night.

I would like to thank Rose and her family in providing this service to the community of Samoa. She provided all the means and professionalism in her service, she knew so much and shared added information about her work and the wondrous miracles of foot detox and so much more.  She saw how Pacific Islanders face health challenges and she wanted to help improve our health so we could have healthy lifestyle. When I walked into her home I just felt relaxed and I did not want to leave! A Lovely, quiet, relaxing, atmosphere.

All the best Rose in your new venture and no doubt you will expand in your success,…we hope you open a branch here in Samoa again sometime in the future…you are greatly missed…Alofa tele atu..”

Ainslee Ah Kam
Apia Central Hotel
Apia, Samoa

Comfort, convenience, results